Residential Vinyl Sheet Flooring Installation

Residential Vinyl Sheet Flooring Installation Port Macquarie

Vinyl sheet flooring has enjoyed a resurgence since the 1950s when vinyl was hot. Today’s new age sheet vinyl sheet flooring offers excellent performance combined with the latest designs. They are easy to install, simple to maintain and are available in many different styles.

Vinyl sheet flooring comes in sheet format in four meter widths, making it among the few floor products that can be laid without joints in bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens. Sheets come in varying thicknesses, many offering additional cushioning for added comfort and insulation against noise and heat. Quieter, warmer, and softer than hardwood!

Installation Options for Vinyl Sheet Flooring

There are two install options for sheet vinyl floors:

Looselay: Vinyl sheeting is secured around the perimeter of the room. It sits on top of the floor, and is flexible enough to be removed if needed. It is not suitable in wet or prolonged sun-exposure areas. It should be installed by a trained professional.

Permanent: Vinyl sheets are installed permanently by adhering them to the sub-floor using an adhesive. These sheets do not move, shrink or stretch as a result of temperature change. This method is ideal for use in wet and sun-expressed areas.

Benefits of Installing Vinyl Sheet Flooring

  • Vinyl is exceptionally hygienic because of its ease of cleanliness and lack of joins, crevices and cracks where dust mites and bacterial growth can occur. The flat, impervious surface prevents moisture and moulding.

  • Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain because it does not absorb water. It is also easy to clean, as hair, fur and accidents can easily be removed using a soft broom or mop. It is ideal for family rooms and kids' play areas, as it is warm and soft for tiny toes.

  • Dust mites and mould spores do not grow well on vinyl. As a result, vinyl is often recommended for children who suffer from asthma.

  • Vinyl flooring is a cushioned product. It offers a softer experience than other types of flooring. It is made from a material called vinyl. It is used as a floor covering because it is durable and easy to clean.

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